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Inspecting confined spaces and other areas with limited access, whether above or below ground, is now practical and convenient with the Telespector zCam™ Confined Area Inspection System. The system includes a lightweight video camera and lighthead assembly, a control unit, an 8.4" LCD/LED monitor and an extendible, non-conductive fiberglass pole. It is simple to set up and requires one person to operate.

The video camera features an excellent high resolution, low light, color image sensor and a 36:1 optical zoom lens. A 12x digital zoom brings the total zoom ratio to 432:1. Lighting is provided by two high intensity HID lamps--a narrow dispersion spot lamp which illuminates distant object in pipelines from 6" in diameter and a wide dispersion flood lamp which illuminates large areas at a close distance.
The camera head assembly is connected to the fiberglass pole with a unique adjustable clamp and swivel connector that holds the camera head at various angles and elevations relative to the pole end. This feature allows the pole end to rest on a solid surface, minimizing fatigue while providing image stabilization.

The camera head assembly is protected by stainless steel guards and is equipped with a schrader valve for pressure testing. 
The zCam™ control unit is designed for easy and efficient operation. All control functions, monitor, digital video recorder, batteries and charger are all enclosed within the unit's rugged polymer resin case.