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Power Winch - P5L
The P5L electrically powered winch is designed specifically to pull pipeline inspection and repair equipment through any manhole-accessble underground pipeline.

The P5L includes a rugged aluminum frame, a heavy-duty gearmotor and drive system, an aluminum cable drum with 1000 feet (305m) of stainless steel cable, and an automatic level winder.

The unique vertical frame design allows easy access to the manhole opening and offers more visibility than horizontal style winches--an important safety feature in areas where manholes are located in traffic lanes or parking lots. The frame's robust handles and 10" diameter pneumatic wheels provide for easy handling on rough surfaces.

The cable drum, driven by a 1/2 horsepower variable-speed gearmotor, is coupled to a quick-release clutch that disengages the drive system at the flick of a switch.
The P5L is available with a console-mounted or hand-held speed control and up to 1000 feet of power cord on an inboard mounted or portable type cord reel. The P5L is compatible with most existing pipeline inspection systems.