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TeleTrac 6x6
The TeleTrac™6x6, Telespector Corporation's latest development in pipeline inspection equipment is designed to meet the demand for inspecting relined and smaller diameter pipelines.

The TeleTrac™6x6 is a powerful, self-propelled vehicle with a flexible mounting platform that can accommodate various types and sizes of inspection equipment such as straight-view or pan and tilt cameras.

Increasing track width and height with the addition of appropriately sized, two-bolt weighted wheels allows stable travel through pipe diameters from six to thirty inches (150mm - 750mm).

The TeleTrac™6x6 is powered by a variable speed, low voltage DC motor that acheives the highest power output rating for its size by utilizing neodymium permanent magnets and a coreless armature. The highly efficient drive train of the The TeleTrac™6x6 featurs a multi-stage planetary y gear-head, and spiral cut IF miter gears for maxiumum torque transfer to all drive wheels.
A unique bi-directional automatic clutch allows the drive wheels to freewheel whenever the The TeleTrac™6x6 is in neutral. this feature facilitates easy retriveal in the event that power is disconnected. It also prevents cable entanglement when the unit is pulled in reverse and if necessary allows the until to be pulled through the pipeline with a winch. 

Built from high quality corrosion resistant stainless steel and naval bronze the TeleTrac™6x6 is completely watertight and pressure tested to 30 psi (207kPa). Pressure testing is easily performed in the field from the air test/fill valve located on the side of the unit.