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The PTZ Cam is a specially desinged pipeline inspection camera with an external pan and tilt mechanism that permits the camera and lighthead to rotate and move off center axis.

The PTZ Cam is capable of inspecting pipelines, tunnels and chambers from 6"-120" I.D.(150mm - 3050mm).

visual inspection of obscure areas within the mailine such as service laterals and open joints is easily performed by moving the camera head toward the area for a direct view.

One of the advantages of an external pan and tilt camera is that the lighthead moves with the camera head. This feature provides better illumination of the viewed object and a more detailed image on the monitor. Another advantage is the ability of the camera head to move beyond the perpendicular axis of the camera body allowing views of back angled service laterals.

The PTZ Cam is designed to withstand normal shock and random manual movement to the camera head without damage to the pan and tilt mechanism.

The PTZ Cam is outfitted with an outstanding, high resolution, low light CCD/CMOS color camera with remote focus and iris.
Mounted in the camera head is an array of high intensity,white light LED lamps that provide a low temperature, extremely reliable (approx. 100,000 hours) source of illumination.

The PTZ Cam control unit includes two joystick controls for both camera and tractor functions and keyboard controls for focus, iris and light intensity as well as an auto centering control that automatically returns the camera head to its center position.

‚ÄčThe control unit is compatible with most existing pipeline inspection systems. Minor modification may be required.

The PTZ Cam will fit into any standard skid assembly or self-propelled vehicle designed for three inch (3" - 76mm) cameras.